For those planning their annual trips or maybe those looking to relocate – Richmond is a great choice! Let’s talk about the best free stuff to do in this city! Travels on a budget are common in the current economy.


Maymont is a historic park that sits on 100 acres and we left to Richmond by James H. Dooley and his wife Sallie May. Now it is a museum, arboretum, and formal gardens that you can visit when you’re on your tour of the town. The property has much to offer in terms of educational entertainment.

Beyond just that, the Maymont has increasingly become very important to several natural animals. The Robins Nature Center, Maymont Farm, and the wildlife habitats on the grounds are home to dozens of animals. Get close to nature of all types while you’re visiting Maymont. After you visit with the animals, head back to the gardens and look for the Butterfly Trail.

Throughout the year, several events and festivals are held at Maymont. In September, there will be Bier-Garden for those looking to explore with their tastebuds! Families exploring houses for rent in Richmond can count on there being fun for adults and kids alike.

Virginia Capitol and Executive Mansion

The capitol house is America’s oldest legislative assembly. Visiting here is free and perfect for a group or the whole family. It was created by Thomas Jefferson in 1788 and it currently houses historical statues and paintings. It is home to the only sculpture of George Washington produced in his lifetime.

The Capitol was spared during the Civil War. However, in 1870, there was a meeting held on the second story of the building. It was regarding the leadership of the Richmond government and drew in a huge crowd. The gallery gave way and fell 40 feet, injuring 251 people and killing 62.

Afterward, there was rebuilding and renovation. In 1960 they declared the location a National Historic Landmark. The area around the capitol building is called capitol square. On the grounds, there is the Virginia Washington Monument that features George Washington and several other prominent political figures from this time such as Andrew Lewis and Thomas Jefferson. 

Hollywood Cemetary

This may sound like a morbid adventure for a family, but it’s quite the opposite once you visit Hollywood Cemetary. It’s known as a garden cemetery and spans 135 acres on the banks of the James River. There are several presidents buried here such as James Monroe and John Tyler.

There are many notable people burried here, some important governors and Supreme Court justices. It is also the final resting place of a multitude of residents and still takes no more plots to this day. It’s a beautiful and serene cemetery that can be enjoyed simply with an easy stroll through the hills.

Richmond is a popular area for visiting and living. It has connections close to D.C. so it is perfect for those who work in Washington but aren’t looking to live there full-time. These free activities will help you save some money either way, even if you’re just visiting!