Where to Find Free Computers for Seniors

computer senior
computer senior

Senior citizens looking to stay current and involved in the numerous benefits of technology are able to find cheap or free computers for seniors in the event that they cannot be able to pay for the retail costs normally associated with computers. Find senior computers at no cost through corporate sponsored local and national programs, government agencies or non-profit organizations that assist seniors or recycle companies.

Resources of Free Computers for seniors

Many companies or businesses offer their computers for donation to non-profit organizations. Therefore, it is important to inquire with any agencies or companies that could direct you to potential nearby or online sources of free computers. Some might require proof of income from the family or a referral from an aid program of the government. It is possible to find information about certain programs when you have access to a computer in the library.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Find your free phone directories or ask for help in searching the global Microsoft Refurbisher Database to find registered computer repair shops in your area. This is a Microsoft-sponsored recycling initiative to offer free or inexpensive computers to those in need of the aid of computers. Microsoft collaborates with these refurbishers to minimize the waste of technology parts and the impact it has on the environment. They also help to bring computers into houses of the majority of people, and “bridge the digital divide.”

Computers with Causes

Computers With Causes is a different national U. S. computer donation program which provides computer systems for free, mostly to educational organizations. They also provide personal computers. You must fill out the application form online. Visit your local community center or library to complete the application in the event that you don’t have instant access to the internet or a computer.

Regional Programs

Many programs are available to offer computers for seniors at no cost and, in particular, people with limited income on an individual scale. If you’re not located near any of these organizations, look for an equivalent organization in your area and ask for their eligibility.

Smart Riverside

If you reside within Riverside, California and your household earns less than $45,000 Contact the the Smart Riverside Digital Inclusion Program. This program is run locally by nonprofit and government agencies that provide computers for free to families with lower incomes. To receive a computer for free, you must complete eight hours of computer education.

Free Geek

If you’re in a position to, you can volunteer for Free Geek which is which is located within Portland, Oregon. Free Geek is a nonprofit company that repairs computers and gives them away to community and school agencies and schools. You can bring a computer for free by volunteering for a few minutes in their organization. You can get a computer as an individual volunteer or you can construct a computer that you can take to home.

Local Options

Although some local sources of computers that are free for seniors might not be well-known It’s possible that free computers are accessible to those over 65 who wish to search and look for a free computer.

Your Community Senior Center

Senior community centers offer a variety of assistance services for seniors. It’s a good start point to determine the local organizations that provide free computers. The center may also offer basic computer instruction. If you’re associated with any other services for social or an vocational education center You can request computer resources for seniors.

Local Free Government Computers , or Non-Profit Sources

Look online or in your phone book to find other non-profit or government agencies as well as charities in your community that might offer computers for senior citizens. Visit your library, at your city hall, or community groups like Rotary to assist you in finding local counties, state, and local agencies that could participate in recycling or donation programs.

Goodwill Industries, for instance, has a partnership in partnership with Dell Computer to recycle donated computers. Visit at your nearest Goodwill store or drop by to learn how you can gain access to one of the computers that are not being broken to make spare parts, but that has been used for re-use.

Your local Computer Repair Shops

Repair shops for computers within your area may have computers that have been refurbished by any brand that they would like to give away for free or at a low cost. Look in your phone book or on the internet and contact the repair shop closest to you or visit the shop and ask for assistance.

School Computer Upgrades

Schools in your county or town and private schools in particular may give away older computers as they upgrade. Certain schools will only give to families who have one or more children attending the school. But, it doesn’t harm to contact schools close to you to inquire about the ways they recycle the computers they have discarded.

computer senior
computer senior

Shared Computers for seniors

If you’re unable to locate the computer you need You can take advantage of a shared laptop in several locations near your home.

Your Local Library

Most libraries have computers available for patrons with library cards to make use of. You’ll be able to check your email, or satisfy other needs for computing, however your access might be restricted to specific websites, and your usage time may be restricted.

Educational Computing Centers

If you’re enrolled in classes at a particular institution, it may allow access to computers to do assignments and emails. Like public libraries, access to specific websites could be restricted.

Government Assistance Programs

If you’re on a low-income and want to get aid from the government for example, food stamps for your family You can usually make use of the computers within the government agency. The use of the computers is limited to looking for jobs or job rehabilitation , but you’ll be able to find computers for free.

Discounted Computers

If you’re not eligible to get a free computer possibly due to the amount of money you earn, then might nevertheless be able purchase the computer at a reduced price. Always inquire about an seniors discount prior to making purchases, and if you’re an AARP member make sure to check their technology offers that are available for members in order to find out whether discounts are offered. Computer discounts can differ based on area and may not be accessible, but classes for free are usually offered in partnership with technology companies , such as Microsoft. If you’re members of AAA, you can enjoy 10% discount on Dell computers, regardless of the age.

Beware of senior Computer Scams

Beware of scams that target seniors when you do your online research. Some may ask for all your personal data before you find the way to obtain an internet connection or solicit money for an unpaid computer. Be aware and carefully read the fine print of any offer on the internet. Check to see if the computer the offer will be fully functional and user-friendly and offer an elderly person with tools they could benefit from. If you’re not sure, contact for help with the Better Business Bureau to get help.

Stay Connected

Computers can help you stay connected with your loved ones and the world over the Internet. It can help you participate in and stay current with the many advantages of technology.

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