Every individual dream is to live life without obstacles and run away from flaws. People most time stress over perfection and strive for that. Imperfection is the best that enables an individual to beat anything. You must understand the specific way to do things. Many individuals are willing to follow Kristina-Mand Lakhiani’s advice and mitigate risk. You can realize what makes you perfect. Everyone has a fault and embraces them properly for a quality lifestyle.

Being imperfect is good for the human:

People have flaws and embrace them for a peaceful life. The author provides important tips and tricks throughout the Becoming Flawesome book and lets people know the difference between fulfilment and happiness or feeling insecure. #BecomingFlawesome is a great solution for individuals to understand the flaw and become more well-rounded and personable. Imperfection helps people to merge with others around them. In that manner, you can never feel judged by yourself and others.

Feel belong to one group:

You can focus on others who experience the same issue. In that situation, people think that the coping mechanism is similar to others. If you understand and believe this thing, you can help others who face the same issue. It is a great option to stimulate you to keep going and do anything carefully.

Check the body norm:

In the present scenario, many individuals use the social media for different purposes. They want more likes, followers and comments. Social media push the perfect image body. It makes the people feel insecure and constantly driven to attain an impossible image.

  • Through https://www.mindvalley.com/book/flawesome, one can learn how to accept and embrace the imperfection when it comes to the media.
  • In social media, individuals have diverse forms and shapes.
  • It serves as a stunning confidence booster for people.
  • People feel comfortable by following an ideal body norm.

There is no reason that you to feel like less. You can never match up an image to others you see. You can show your own personality and taste and stand out from the rest.

Perfection is tedious:

A memorable moment happens when you try to eliminate the success and obstacles. Perfection is completely boring that never like by any others. Life is not very thrilling whether you are all the same and do everything easily. By using Becoming Flawesome, you can do the simplest things, like embrace the imperfect and shift your lifestyle.