Career in the field of computer science is considered as brighter. If you are worried about your job, you just have to search for it in the right place if you are a computer science graduate. In all over the world, the scope of computer science is increasing day by day particularly due to technological advancement. Following are some best recruitment platforms for computer science jobs. Let’s discuss about these platforms in detail.


There is a large community of people who have their accounts on Indeed. The reason behind the high usage rate of Indeed is that it posts jobs related to almost all fields. For computer science jobs, you can select the section of computer sciences to search for relevant jobs. Having an account on Indeed facilities you in many ways. For example, you will remain up-to-date for the whole process of selection. Even if you are selling your services to students looking to buy dissertation online for computer science subject at Indeed, you can apply here.

Once you apply for a job, Indeed will let you know if the concerned job poster has viewed your application or not. Furthermore, it will tell you if you are on the selected list or not? Every candidate wants to have such details regarding their application. Here you can find a complete description of the job. It includes key responsibilities for a specific job. Also, you can see which software or computer skills are required for the available position.

In the same way, Indeed updates you on email. You do not have to log in again and again for tracking the whole process. Rather, Indeed will inform you by sending an email. Besides, it will inform you for all the new and relevant computer science jobs.


People from all over the world use LinkedIn. You may see that almost all companies have their page on LinkedIn. Here the best thing is that you can chat with so many professionals. By doing so, you can learn about different job roles and their worth in the market. Having an account on LinkedIn is not a big deal. You just have to add some credentials and make a profile. Make sure that your profile is attractive enough for visitors.

Suppose you are in search of computer science jobs. Here you can find pages of different companies that offer jobs for computer sciences graduates. You can read the requirements of company. Furthermore, you can add employees who are working in that organization. By this, you can ask those employees about the environment of company or anything in which you feel confused. The best use of LinkedIn is that you can expand your professional network.

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE computer society is a website where you can find computer science jobs. It is an international platform through which you can find jobs all over the world. In the location section, select the country and you will see all job posts in that area. You can post your CV on this website for new job opportunities.

There are bundle of recruitment platforms on internet. Although people have an account on such platforms, they always want to use platforms totally related to their field. For example, an Engineer would like to use those platforms which post related to engineering jobs only. So, I as a computer science graduate want to use platforms like Here, you would not get notifications related to any irrelevant job position. Similarly, as you will get alerts for computer science jobs as per your degree. If you are a fresh graduate, you will get information of all jobs available for fresh graduates. Also, you can see that different companies are offering new projects each day.


CareerBuilder is a recruitment platform for computer science jobs. The use of this platform resembles to LinkedIn. But here, another feature is of sharing the story. You can add something to your story section. Here you can see open jobs available on a large scale. You can find any company working on a small and large scale. You will get the key responsibilities that are required for job post. If you are still confused about it, you can search on the internet for that particular post. For example, you see a job vacancy for a software developer. For this post, graduates of computer science are eligible. Before going for a job interview or test, collect all relevant information from the internet.

In the Information Technology sector, the number of vacancies are increasing for software developers. Most of the people consider it as one of the best options in the career of computer sciences. There can be two main reasons for the popularity of any post. The first one is the pay scale of that particular computer science job, while the second important factor is skills related to that post. At entry-level, many graduates work on a very low pay scale, but they learn a lot from their job. Once they grasp the skills, they start having more pay. In case of software developers, the basic pay scale starts 60 plus dollars annually. Information like this can help you very well in the interview.


No other platform can work well for computer science jobs and startups than AngelList. I personally like this platform the most. Here you can get information related to many job sectors. Also, it works well for startup ideas and support. Furthermore, at this platform, you can learn different sectors related to computer sciences. Many organizations use this platform to find the best suitable employee for working. Similarly, many people use it for sharing their career stories. The fresher can read such stories and get the best out of them.


Quora is a website that allows you to question or answer as per your choices. If you have any queries, you can leave a question regarding your problem. The professional will answer you and guide you in the best way. Suppose you are not sure how to search for computer science jobs. You ask on Quora. Here people will guide for reputable companies and process for applying for a job. You can ask them to share links for job applications. It can be a remote as well as an office job. You will surely get a quick response at Quora.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a number of platforms are available on the internet through which computer science students can find suitable jobs. Given the increasing importance of IT sector, this particular field is gaining more demand in the job market all over the world.